Product Technology

Product Technology

Primal apparel has been extensively tested and refined by cyclists over the past 20 years to withstand the rigors of riding. All Primal products are made with the most advanced components and technologically innovative cuts to provide superior comfort on the bike. Premium fabrics are optimized for superior printability to stand the test of time.


Sport Cut

Based on performance analysis, Primal Sport Cut jerseys feature a slightly relaxed fit that lays close to the body's natural lines without being too constrictive. Perfect for club rides, long tours, mountain biking, commuting, centuries and gran fondos.

Race Cut

Primal Race Cut apparel is made for competition. Designed for optimum performance, this form fitting pattern contours to the body to improve aerodynamics and moisture management.


The Helix Kit represents the most technologically advanced, competition level apparel on the market. Utilizing revolutionary pattern technology and the highest quality fabrics, the Helix jersey is engineered to fit tightly against the body to reduce air surface tension and improve performance.

Raglan Sleeve

Features sleeves that extend from the arm and are sewn at the collar.

Set-in Sleeve

Features sleeves that are cut around the shoulder, similar to a traditional t-shirt cut.


AE Elite

100% Polyester | 118 gsm
Black nylon or white polyester mesh with 4-way mechanical stretch. May be used for sublimated jersey panels or bib straps.


ALTERO | Wind Jacket/Vest
100% Polyester | 90 gsm
Lightweight wind and water resistant fabric good in all temperatures for protection from the elements. No stretch and easily packable.


HXT | Paradigm Thermal
90% Polyester, 10% Spandex | 310 gsm
Three layer fabric with a breathable, waterproof polylaminate between a thermal brushed back and Teflon-finished polyester front. Excellent moisture management and wicking properties keep you warm and dry in temperatures between 20 and 60° F.


80% Polyester, 20% Spandex | 250 gsm | SPF 50
Spandex/poly-blend bright yarn fabric specifically developed to provide optimal muscle compression and elastic recovery.


Q3 | Jersey
100% Polyester | 154 gsm | SPF 35+
Plaited double-knit, 4-way mechanical stretch fabric with a square grid texture for aesthetic appeal and slight weight reduction. Double-knit construction pulls moisture away from back of the fabric and pushes it to the face to keep you dry.


SFERO | Heavyweight Jersey
100% Polyester | 210 gsm | SPF 35+
Breathable, doubleweight SpeedPro with mechanically brushed back and 2-way mechanical stretch. While not wind or water resistant, it will keep you warm in temperatures ranging from 45-75° F.


SLR |Elite Jersey
100% Polyester | 140 gsm
Open channel, lightweight fabric with 4-way mechanical stretch. ATB-100® threads contain silver ions that destroy bacteria and eliminate odor.


100% Polyester | 180 gsm | SPF 35
Plaited double-knit fabric with 2-way mechanical stretch has a push/pull effect which draws moisture from the surface of skin and pushes it off the face of the jersey to keep you cool and dry.


STRATA | 2nd Layer/Fusion
100% Polyester | 290 gsm
Midweight, mechanically brushed back thermal fabric with limited 4-way stretch to keep you warm in temperatures ranging from 32-75° F.


TRAVERSO | Thermal
90% Polyester, 10% Spandex | 245 gsm
Mechanically brushed back thermal fabric with 4-way stretch for accessories that provide a free range of motion and keep you warm in temperatures from 20-75° F.


VERO | Elite Level Short
80% Polyester, 20% Spandex | 240 gsm | SPF 50
Fabric with proprietary 40-gauge knit construction for super opaque properties, excellent abrasion resistance and superior compression.


Z92 | Multi-Sport Speed
100% Polyester | 220 gsm
Fabric with 4-way mechanical stretch and gridded, textured face that breaks surface tension to improve aerodynamics and provide superior moisture management.



The E3 chamois provides superior comfort with a seamless, anatomical shape, multi-density foams and 4-way stretch. Antibacterial Silver Ion fabric and dual density Air Cell foam provide extra protection that will not break down over time. This chamois is ideal for recreational or club use.


The APX chamois is ideal for teams and competitive road cyclists. Three layers of density foam, 4-way stretch and an anatomical shape allow for optimum comfort while maintaining a free range of motion. Antibacterial Silver Ion and Visigrid fabrics offer superior moisture transport and will not break down over time.

E6 Carbon

The E6 Carbon chamois is a revolutionary leap in chamois technology with Resistex anti-static carbon fabric which promotes blood flow and the reduction of lactic acid, as well as being antibacterial and antimicrobial. This 4-layer, 4-way stretch chamois also incorporates an Airmesh insert for increased shock absorption and moisture management. The E6 Carbon is ideal for road or mountain bike competition, as well as long distance touring.

HX8 Carbon

The new fusion technology of the HX8 creates an entirely seamless chamois without chemical fixatives and allows for the progressive reduction of foam thickness, removing the "steps" between layers. The 4-density, 4-way stretch chamois forms to your body to provide superior comfort, while the antibacterial Resistex anti-static carbon fabric helps promote blood flow and reduce lactic acid. This chamois is ideal for the elite racer and long distance rider.

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