Helix Collection

For the rider demanding only the best on every level, the Helix Collection provides ‘Beyond Category’ features, with our amazing Silver Ion and Z92 jersey fabrics giving unequalled comfort and performance. Pair up with our Helix bib constructed of our own scientifically constructed Vero base fabric, Z92 dimpled leg accents, top-of-the-line Italian TMF chamois, and ultra-soft bib straps for the most comfortable kit you will ever ride in.

Evo Collection

Step up and meet EVO – a stylish, form-fitting race cut collection, with additional features and upgraded fabrics for the discerning cyclist that prefers a contoured fit combined with upgraded fabric and chamois options.

Race Collection

With an ergonomic fit and unsurpassed, moisture-wicking, lightweight Q3 fabric, the Primal Race Collection provides flawless aerodynamics for a more sustained cycling performance. Silicone grippers keep the jersey in place and angled pockets allow for easy access to gadgets, gizmos, and goos.

Sport Collection

For the cyclist requiring a top-notch, high-value collection that offers a more generous fit while still providing all the features needed for maximum comfort and style on the bike.

MTB Collection

The Primal MTB Collection is built specifically to cater to the demands of the unforgiving mountains. Constructed with durable and lightweight fabrics prevents constriction while you shred trails and gives any rider superior quality and functional comfort on and off the path.

Active Collection

Not your typical activewear collection. Whether cycling or cross-training, the plaited and double-knit fabrics are lightweight, pulling moisture away from your body and pushing it to the surface of the fabric – keeping you cooler and comfortable.

Lifestyle Collection

The Lifestyle Collection caters to your active lifestyle on and off the bike. Throw on a Henley or Polo made with Echofe – a sustainable fabric recycled from coffee grounds – to stay cool, dry, and smelling fresh. Or pick the classic Cotton T-Shirt because you can’t go wrong when your Primal’s showing.

Triathlon Collection

Overall comfort is key to superior performance. A close second to that is aerodynamics. Utilizing multi-sport specific fabrics, 4-way mechanical stretch, and a gridded, textured surface, you’re reducing air and water resistance meanwhile kicking the pants off anyone who thinks they can keep up.

Skinsuit Collection

Speed is of the essence when racing against the clock. The Primal Speed Skinsuit is engineered to reduce drag and increase accuracy in muscle movement. Designed using advanced three-dimensional modeling, this skinsuit is tailored to fit riders in an aggressive, time-trial position.

Outerwear Collection

With the Outerwear Collection, no matter the weather, we have you covered. Literally. All the pieces keep your body protected while also letting it breathe so there’s none of that frozen sweat when you fly down from the top of the mountain.

Accessories Collection

Accessories are a cyclist's best friend. Pair your kit with matching socks, gloves, and arm warmers.