Primal Mens Chamois Tech
HX8 Details
Chamois Breakdown

The patiented Skyve® technology from TMF provides a superior level of comfort by grading the pad levels from the surface of the body. This reduces the number of varible contact points providing a smooth surface directly touching the skin. This increases the performance of the fabrics and mult-density foam layers.

The HX8 Carbon Italian Chamois is engineered for progressive reduction of foam thickness, using a fusion technology that seamlessly bonds materials without chemical fixates. The 4 density, 4 way stretch premium chamois is designed to form to the body, providing superior comfort while the Resistex® Anti-Static Carbon fabric prevents abrasion and promotes blood flow. All fabrics used are antibacterial and antimicrobial.

- Resistex® anti-static carbon thread
- Antibacterial and antimicrobial fabric
- Progressive reduction of foam thickness
- Seamless, anatomical shape
- 4 Density foams
- 4 Way stretch
- Elite chamois ideal for road, mtb competition,
and long-distance touring