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Happy Trails

Some of us are weekend warriors. Some of us are serious athletes. Some of us like to jump off things other people call cliffs. But we all share one thing. We worship at the temple of raw, wild fun. That sacred place where time stands still or stretches into infinity.

At Primal, we make the clothing and accessories you need to answer that call, so you can get out there and make life as fun as it can be. From cycling jerseys with fabrics that enhance your performance to t-shirts you can wear on your day off. So throw on your Primal and go play nice with the other wild, crazy animals.


You thrive on adventure and enjoy life to the fullest. You find fun and excitement in everything you do—looking forward to spending your free time exploring all the wonders of the great outdoors. Primal understands this thrill-seeking, nature-loving, adventure-driven way of life and wants to give you a helping hand on your fun-finding mission.


Our custom cycling jerseys and accessories help you express your incredibly unique personality while navigating your way through life's great adventures. Whether you're a casual cyclist enjoying a weekend ride or a competitive athlete striving for your next victory, our unique cycling jerseys and active wear can give you the boost you need to succeed and reach your goals.

We've created a line of colorful, creative cycling jerseys that combine fashion with functionality. You can both look and feel great whether you're cruising through town or navigating a mountain trail.

Or perhaps you're more of a create-your-own type. Take advantage of our customized unique cycling jerseys, which serve to highlight your one-of-a-kind style and specialized cycling needs by being made to order.

Looking for more gear than just the coolest cycling jerseys? At Primal, we also offer a wide variety of other cycling gear, from tank tops and jackets to shorts and suits. All of the cycling gear at Primal is made to give you the support and comfort you need as you take on the world from the seat of your bicycle.

But Primal is about more than just having fun. We're also focused on giving back to the community and regularly donate to cycling organizations around the world. Be a part of the Primal family and know that you're helping to spread the joy of cycling.

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at the best bicycling jerseys and other cycling gear to get started on your quest for fun. Get ready to throw caution to the wind, hit the open road and have the time of your life.