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Our purpose is to help our partners pursue their passion. We do this by blending design, craftsmanship, and service to create extraordinary cycling apparel. Cycling is our passion, apparel is our craft, giving back has become our way of life.


This is our mission and our promise. Every year Primal contributes more than $1 Million in support to non-profits and charitable causes. With the support of our partners we have been able to create a movement across the industry for positive change. We know that every dollar contributed will count towards advancing research, increasing awareness, improving support, and the hope of finding cures!


We believe in cycling as a positive influence globally and are dedicated to increasing the number of people that choose cycling as a means of recreation, environmental conservation, and health.


Sometimes we take lead, sometimes we draft, but our success will never be solely our own. When you team up with Primal for your custom cycling apparel, you can be confident that we will be working towards your personal success and the success of your community. Connect with us to find out why so many organizations choose Primal as the custom cycling apparel partner.


  • We are Creative
  • We are Collaborative and Selfless
  • We Do Whatever It Takes
  • We are Committed to Excellence
  • We are Instigators of Fun
  • We are Obsessed with Winning


Life is short, don't waste away in just any old job. Join the Primal team and spend your days spinning your pedals and focusing on your passions. Our mission is to continually improve, learn and grow in all aspects of the cycling industry, meeting daily challenges in unique, fun and creative ways to succeed together as a team. We are always looking for exceptional, motivated, creative individuals to join us. We have a passion for all things active and fun and we are devoted to making a difference.

Below are positions currently available. Please follow the instructions when submitting your resume. Please limit all attachments in emails to 500k.


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