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Cycling Safety Tips to Ride your Bike Safely

Riding your bike safely is the all-time, most important, #1 factor in cycling. Without safety in your back pocket, you’re putting yourself in danger. Let’s keep ourselves alive and injury-free. We have outlined it all and even made an infographic for your viewing pleasure. Or for sharing or whatever you feel.

Traffic Safety

  • Obey the rules of the road... always
  • Be predictable
  • Ride in a straight line. That one is obvious but we had to say it.
  • Stay in a bike lane or as far to the right as reasonably possible
  • We can't say it enough but stop at lights AND stop signs.
  • Make sure to signal where you are going. This isn't just for the cars behind you but the ones going the opposite direction as well.

Watch For Road Hazards

  • Check the weather before you leave to ensure you have the gear you need. On longer rides keep an eye on the horizon to check out the weather ahead of you.
  • Watch for holes, debris, cracks, and animals ahead of you. Especially in the spring when the roads and paths can be a little beat up after winter.
  • Point and shout out hazards for the people behind you! You always want to watch out for your friends or random cyclists cause at Primal we pay it forward.
  • Wet roads can be extra slippery so take caution when whipping around curves or turn that you might take every day.


Cyclists Edicate

  • Be cautious of other cyclists on the road or in your group.
  • Don't ride someone's wheel too closely or else you are both going down.
  • Always pass on the left at a safe distance.
  • On narrow roads or small bike lanes ride single file to allow cars and other cyclists to pass you with ease.

Getting The Right Gear

  • When riding make sure to include clothing with reflective panels
  • Make sure you always have a front and rear light.
  • Carry layers if you are going to be on a long ride so you are prepared for a change in the weather
  • Make sure to invest in a helmet that fits! This is one of the most important pieces of equipment you can have. You can read more about why helmets are important here.


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Closing Tips

Always make sure to carry emergency contact information as well as your name, address, DOB, and any medical conditions. We want everyone to have fun so stay alert when you are on your bike and look out for people, noises, cars, and fellow cyclists.


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