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Essential Cold Weather Cycling Gear to Stay Warm

Calling all winter warriors…

When winter arrives, you may think it’s time to get off the bike. Staying warm can be a challenge when you’re whipping through the brisk, chilly air at maximum speed. Watery eyes, runny nose, and the occasional body numbness can easily be prevented if you’ve got the right gear, and we aren’t talking about the long underwear you were forced to wear as a kid. What better way to cruise the streets and trails than in some awesome winter cycling gear? Trust us; your previously frozen limbs will thank you.

Heavyweight Cycling Jersey

Like the snowman melting in the Campbell’s soup commercial, our heavyweight jerseys will literally warm you from the inside out. The Men’s Blackburn and the Women’s Vespere Heavyweight jerseys are a fantastic addition to your winter cycling clothes.

Temperatures at 45 degrees and below are combatted by this heavyweight champion. Made with Primal’s fancy Sfero fabric, the thermal threads act as a shield against wintery gusts, icy chills and even angry yetis from time to time.

Base Layer

Think Clark Kent ripping off his day job attire only to reveal the superhero suit he really has on. Superman just wouldn’t be as super without his trusty supersuit, and our Primal Base Layer will help you perform at those same peak levels.

A good base layer is a must-have for proper cold weather cycling gear, it will save you in any number of harsh riding conditions. You may even feel so inclined to save the day once you get to your destination.

Men’s and Women’s Onyx Thermal Knickers and Tights

Banish cold legs with the thermal power of our knickers and tights! Wrap those pedaling limbs in Primal’s cold weather cycling gear for your next two-wheeled trek.

Our extra thermal Traverso fabric being the main component in these essential pieces, it's no surprise that these are highly recommended for winter riding. Ensuring warmth from 20 degrees to 75 degrees, these protect all the important parts of your body when the weather gets unbearably chilly.

Onyx Thermal Arm, Knee Warmers and Shoe Covers

Head, shoulders, knees and toes anybody? Well, let’s not forget the forearms bracing the wind as they grip those sweet handlebars. Your cold weather cycling gear wouldn’t be complete without the addition of Primal’s Men's and Women's thermal arm, knee and shoe covers.

Traverso fabric makes another fabulous celebrity guest appearance in these winter-proof accessories. Add these to your winter cycling clothes collection to keep all those joints and limbs super toasty.

Some other things to keep in mind when you decide to brave the outdoor arctic weather:

#1. Check the weather and know your route –

Sometimes mother nature has a mind of her own. One minute its sunshine, the next it’s a snowy blizzard that would make the abominable snowman cry. A great way to avoid this unexpected disaster is to check the weather prior to your adventure. And if you do happen to get stuck in some nasty snow storm, know your route to get somewhere safe. Just like Dorothy on the yellow brick road, just click those shoes together and you will be a-ok.

#2. Watch out for ice –

Little icicles dangling from a picturesque, snow covered cottage is lovely. Frozen water meeting your tires while in motion is not. Ice can cause a lot of problems and make us feel totally cantankerous. Keep your eyes peeled this winter and watch out for icy spots on the trail or road.

#3. Stay hydrated –

Even when its freezing, drinking enough water on a wintery escapade is super important. Dehydration does some pretty horrible things to your body and what better way to combat it than with some good old H2O. Make sure your ride is equipped with a nice bottle cage or invest in some hands-free hydration.


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