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4 Fun Ideas for Your Next Cycling Date

There are two kinds of cyclists in the world – the competitive, fast riders who want a workout and the kind who want to take a slow, breezy ride through the park. Biking is a great date option because it’s perfect for either type of couple.


It’s also easy to spice up this date idea with a bunch of fun destinations and different details. These plans don’t have to be ambitious – simple is almost always better for quality communication and a low-stress event.


Here are four ways you can bring some extra spin to your next cycling date.

1.     Bike to the Ocean


If you live by the beach, the ocean is a prime destination for your bike date. The fresh air and warm sand bring back happy, carefree memories for many people. Look for an ice cream shop along your route, and take time to relax on the sand after your ride.


You can combine your bike trip with a swim, a walk on the beach or a photography session before heading back. Keep an eye out for any fun destinations along the way – depending on your date, a spontaneous stop at a market or bookstore may make the whole day.


If you live too far away to bike to the ocean, head to a local lake or another natural attraction in your area. Most major cities have parks or riverwalks that are ideal for nature-loving cyclists. Because biking burns a lot of calories, make sure you have a plan for getting food along the way.

2.     Dress up for Dinner


Going out for a romantic dinner is a classic and enjoyable date. You can give this idea a fresh twist by incorporating cycling into your plans. Instead of taking a sweaty ride to get a workout in, envision yourself dressed up and coasting along to a fancy night out.


You can make this outing as formal as you like – it’s possible to bike in just about anything, barring a pencil skirt or 5-inch heels. However, women could always bring a bag with dressy shoes and any items they need for touch ups at the restaurant.


You can also personalize this dinner date with a fancy picnic destination instead of a restaurant. Consider making some comfort food with plenty of flavor and texture, and make sure you pack a blanket, drinks and dessert. Start your ride close to your destination so you can arrive in time to catch the sunset.

3.     Hunt for Geocaches


Geocaching became popular in 2000 when GPS systems were combined with treasure hunting to build a community of seekers from around the world. If your date likes a good adventure, you can combine biking with an exciting hunt to discover geocaches in your area.


Create a free account on to get started. You’ll gain access to a map showing the exact GPS locations of cached treasures near you. Some are more difficult to find than others, so build in extra time.


Be sure to take some treasures of your own with you – the principle of geocaching is that you take one item from the stash you find and replace it with another. That way, the cache is never depleted, and new things keep circulating. This is a great way to up the adventure.

4.     Climb a Mountain


If your date is the kind of cyclist who loves the adrenaline that comes from a fast ride, plan an afternoon of hard-core biking where you can enjoy battling the elements together. Consider taking your date mountain biking on a nearby trail, where speed and sore abs are part of the deal.


You could also drive to the top of a mountain and take the bike lane back down. This reduces the energy you have to expend while keeping adrenaline high as you zoom down the steep slopes. Just make sure you have a friend who’ll pick you up at the bottom.


For a truly hard-core cyclist date, consider riding in a race together or planning a multiday trip where you can cycle and camp over a long distance. Although this is probably not the best idea for a first date, it can be a lot of fun for two committed cyclists.

How to Have the Best Bike Date


Before you plan a bike date, make sure you know what kind of cyclist your partner is. Are they all about the adrenaline of a fast ride, or would they prefer a leisurely trip along a river path? Don’t wait until the day of your date to find out what biking means to them.


Going for a ride is a great way to spend quality time with your special someone. Use these four ideas to make your next bike ride as sweet and adventurous as possible. However, keep in mind that your SO probably doesn’t care too much about the details – they just want to spend time with you.

About The Author

Oscar Collins is the founder and editor-in-chief at Modded, where he writes about biking, fitness and similar topics. Follow him on Twitter @TModded for frequent updates.


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