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5 Must-Haves for New Riders

So you’ve taken up cycling. And now things are starting to get, as they say, “pretty serious.” But before you go riding off into the sunset, you need to know what cycling gear to bring. Believe us—while nothing can take the place of good old-fashioned practice, these items can help transform you into an Ultimate Cycling Warrior. From cycling clothing to essential accessories, here are 5 must-haves every newbie cyclist needs:



Nothing—we repeat, nothing—stops you in your tracks like a flat tire. Y’know, for obvious reasons. But a repair kit gets you back in the saddle in no time. Make sure it’s packed with a pump, a spare tube or two, and a set of Allen wrenches. And remember: practice makes perfect; you do not want your first time fixing a flat to be in the pouring rain, miles away from home.



Cycling jerseys, gloves, socks, and shorts aren’t necessarily essential items. But cycling clothing isn’t just for fashionistas. The right clothes can make your ride more enjoyable, not to mention more comfortable. High-performance fabrics suck up all moisture from your body, stabilizing your body temperature and making each ride as comfy as if you were sitting at home on your couch.



Yes, we’re lumping these two items together, since you really don’t want one without the other. It’s like cycling jerseys and awesome graphics; they’re inseparable. Bringing water on your cycling journey is a self-explanatory necessity, and the bottle cage keeps it within easy reach for those long, dry stretches of road. Because when the sun starts beating down on you and the vultures start to circle overhead, you’ll be glad you brought your own water. Maybe bring two.



If you’re really serious about pushing your cycling game to the next level, you need some of these bad boys. Clipless pedals lock your feet onto the pedal, making each stroke more efficient. You’ll need special cycling shoes to use these pedals properly, but you’re worth it.



You didn’t really need us to tell you this, did you? Well, if you did, you’re just the kind of person who needs the reminder. So unless you like the idea of head trauma, you should bring your helmet everywhere. It could be the difference between life and death – literally.


Now there is nothing stopping you from becoming the biking monster you were always meant to be. Now go forth and ride, you wild animal.


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