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Primal Audi Team Camp

A full tank of gas…That’s all it takes to get from Denver to Moab.


In-between the two locations are hundreds of destinations currently sought out by the snow sports faithful. Moab is typically known as a mountain bike Mecca. Amasa Back, Klondike Bluff, Whole Enchilada and Slickrock are just a few of the acclaimed trails in the area. As it turns out Moab also has roads that you can ride bikes on… weird, right?


Moab, like the prior year, was the setting of the Primal Audi Denver Cycling Team camp. 40ish, lycra clad fellas shared 4 VRBO houses conveniently located across from the local hospital. Unfortunately, a few riders had to make a quick trip across the street to the ER. Nothing serious, other than your typical cyclist break - the dreaded collarbone fracture.


The plan was 4 days of riding through the most scenic landscapes Moab has to offer from the safety and security of solid pavement. Canyonlands and Arches were two of the National Parks visited on this team building journey.


In stark contrast to the 2015 team camp, the panoramic views were aided by the incredible weather. Partly cloudy, warm sunshine, and maximum visibility. The previous year treated the band of brothers to snow flurries and freezing temperatures. This year, the team traded in layering up with lasering up. The team uniform featured Primal’s latest and greatest offerings in the 2016 custom cycling apparel range; the QX5 and enhanced Helix 2.0. Both cycling jerseys and bibs come with laser cut bands on the arms and legs. Several bells and whistles have been added to the new kits to aid in performance, including the dynamic 3D pattern design and elemental wicking super fabrics.


- Primal Audi Cycling Team One unexpected discovery along the way was that new cuffs produce laser sharp tan lines. Score. -


The Primal Audi Denver Cycling Team is a testament of how fun cycling can be, even through the suffering of road racing. The work hard, play hard mentality has allowed the team to grow year after year. The camaraderie of the fellas is not feigned or forced.


Having a few beers with the group you realize these guys actually have fun together on and off the bike. Yeah, the shenanigans probably go past the point of being awkward from time to time but hey, if things didn’t get awkward then what’s the point of life? For the full photo gallery please visit our Facebook page.


Happy Trails.


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