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Primal Bike Trail Lovin'

“Gang, we all use this trail and we want to keep it nice. So, everyone grab a trash bag and a trash picker and let’s split up into four groups. Two groups are going far and two groups are staying near. Whoever finds the weirdest piece of trash wins,” Pat said to our group before embarking into the early morning air.


“We have bagels for anyone who needs to carbo-load” Pat shouted over to us.


With coffees and bagels in hand, the entire Primal office set out to clean up a section of the Cherry Creek Trail. This wasn’t our first rodeo either. We’ve been cleaning up part of the Cherry Creek Trail since June 2011. Our mission in this world is making it a better place and we start outside our front door.


Groups formed and marched along the trail, spotting trash as if it were a treasure hunt. Braving the chilly morning wind as the sun peeked over the horizon. We could hear “great job everyone!” down the paved path.


The Primal Bike Trail: A Journey into Cycling Adventure

As avid cyclists and daily users of the Cherry Creek Trail, we know the value of trash-free adventures and happy trails. We like to get our hands dirty, but trash on our bike trails? No thanks. True to our nature, we make sure we leave bike trails, parks, and areas cleaner and happier than they were before and having fun while doing it.


Notable trash found included surgical masks, business cards, and a 10% off coupon to a local restaurant. You don’t realize how dirty the trail is riding past it on your bike until you start cleaning it up. There were 20 bags filled of trash when we finished and it only took 40 minutes. 


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