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Thrills and Hills: Discover Colorado through Tour of the Moon

Thrills and Hills: Discover Colorado through Tour of the Moon

It’s here, the annual Bicycle Tour of the Moon. On September 29, 2018 adventure and cycling enthusiasts alike will flock to Grand Junction, Colorado to experience the beauty and grandeur of the American West.

Sponsored by Primal, this course entails breathtaking views from the red rock canyons and sandy vistas to the pinyon-junipers and the wildflowers that dot the region. The challenging course with its high elevation gain, drop-offs, windy roads and rocky terrain is not for the faintest of hearts. But for those interested in experiencing all of what Colorado has to offer, feel welcomed to participate. Everyone who participates revels in this once in a lifetime experience that showcases the majestic Colorado plateaus, canyons and wide array of wildlife. The warmth of the Colorado sun and the crisp blue skies add to this incomparable riding experience and has riders coming back year after year.


The tour has been an important part of the cycling community since it was first featured in The Coors Classic in 1980 and showcased in a feature film called the American Flyer which used the magnetic landscape as a setting for the film. The awe-inspiring course begins and ends in Grand Junction at the Two Rivers Convention Center.


The two thousand riders will begin the tour heading towards the town of Fruita and then are able to decide between two mileage options. The forty-one-mile route with a 1,008-meter elevation gain tours the Colorado Monument. Whereas the sixty-two-mile track with a 1,225-meter elevation gain begins in the lush farmland and then travels to the Monument.

Some of the featured guests that will be at this year’s event include Ron Kiefel, a former professional cyclist who participated in the Tour de France, Chris Carmichael, a former member of the U.S. Cycling Team, Bobby Julich, who participated in the Olympics and the Tour de France and Bob Shaver, a champion of more than 52 races and the creator of  the framework for the USA Pro Challenge.


Part of the proceeds of this unique experience will go to Bicycle Colorado a nonprofit that helps promote biking laws and advocates for growth in cycling in Colorado and One Riverfront an organization that looks to protect and preserve the environment of Grand Junction.  

Visit www.tourofthemoon.com for more information and registration.

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