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4 Fun Ideas for Your Next Cycling Date

There are two kinds of cyclists in the world – the competitive, fast riders who want a workout and the kind who want to take a slow, breezy ride through the park. Biking is a great date option because it’s perfect for either type of couple.


It’s also easy to spice up this date idea with a bunch of fun destinations and different details. These plans don’t have to be ambitious – simple is almost always better for quality communication and a low-stress event.



Taking Your Bike on Vacation: 5 Tips

Even before the pandemic, millions relied on bicycles to get around town and go to work. Now, however, many riders are looking for new ways to enjoy their two-wheeled modes of transportation. As more people pack up their bikes and tote them along on vacation, popular destinations are creating lanes, trails, and more to cater to their unique interests.


Now that there’s a bike for practically every landscape – and room to ride them – there’s no reason why you can’t take your bike halfway around the world with you. Whether you’re traveling to compete in the Tour de France or simply trying out new cycling paths, there’s a way to bring your bike and make it happen.



Gear Guide for the Beginning Cyclist

Learn how to buy a bike that fits your body and riding style, how to improve your fitness and technique, how to perform basic repairs, and most importantly, how to have fun doing it. Her enthusiasm shines through and makes you eager to get out there and RIDE!



10 Tips to Make Your Bike Shorts Last

You'll be amazed at how far your shorts will take you if you just follow these 10 simple tips!



Cross-Training for the Bike

Whether you are a beginner or a die-hard cyclist, keeping your core strong is important at any level of cycling. Core exercises help cross train you for lengthy, vigorous rides and prevent inconvenient injuries from ruining all the fun. For the sake of saving your body from pain and fatigue, having a properly strengthened core can make riding longer a heck of a lot easier.

We’ve put together a cycling training program chock full of awesome core exercises to keep you riding happy, no matter the distance. These simple moves help to build inner core muscles and are a great addition to any cycling endurance training.



Feedin' The Flames

Eating real food and drinking the right liquids sets you up for success. You wouldn't put milk in your car and expect it to run. Don't put anything into your body that isn't going to fuel it unless you plan to sag...



Don't Be Dumb, Protect Ya' Bum!

You can break in your tush simply by training! So spend some quality time with your saddle. Make sure you train responsibly since too much too soon leads to aches and pains. Not to mention the dreaded saddle sores!



Cycling Safety 101

Riding your bike safely is the all-time, most important, #1 factor in cycling. Without safety in your back pocket, you’re putting yourself in danger. Let’s keep ourselves alive and injury-free. We have outlined it all and even made an infographic for your viewing pleasure. Or for sharing or whatever you feel.



3 Tips to Improve Your Speed

When you first started cycling, you got fit pretty quick. Your cycling speed increased dramatically, and you started feeling pretty dang good about yourself. But in the months or weeks since, you’ve had to work hard for every little improvement. Now you’re beginning to feel like you’ve already reached your peak. So how do you get a faster cycling technique? We have put together three cycling tips to help your step up your cycling game.



Wash Your Kit Like a Pro

So you’ve gone on your first ride in your beautiful new Primal cycling kit and now it’s, um, well, stinky! You could just toss your kit in with your next load of laundry and hope for the best OR you could follow these simple washing steps that are guaranteed to make your cycling gear last longer, feel better, and look prettier. After all, cycling apparel incorporates a multitude of high-performance fabrics, technical details, and that funny little pad we call a chamois - all of which perform better with a little extra attention. Take care of your cycling super-suit and it will take care of you for years to come.



How Do I Find The Right Size Bra?

There are many competing methods for determining the best bra size to select. What follows is the method with which we have had the most success.




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