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Colorado Classic: Day 1 - Return of the Chamois

It’s here. It’s back. It has arrived.


The Colorado Classic, a 4-day stage race and Velorama, a bike music festival like no other, have landed here in Colorado Springs. 


After years of anticipation the highest level of professional cycling has returned and we get to be right in the middle of it. We were selected as the Official Technical Apparel Partner of the Colorado Classic and will be producing both the Podium Jerseys and the Official Race Leaders Jerseys to be worn on each stage.



On our first day we battled the weather, but we learned a lot about the world and ourselves. Throughout the day coverage of the race was spotty because of giant cumulonimbus clouds creating thunderstorms and rain that pummeled the downtown Colorado Springs area… And apparently our green room was positioned at the low point in the festival.



As a result, we were wading through 6” of standing water as John Murphy of Holowesko-Citadel beat his opponents to the line. After the race, the riders were delivered directly to the Primal Green Room to change and get sized for the podium jerseys. In one corner, Bob Roll and his camera crew were interviewing cyclists for the NBC coverage. Rok and Jeff were sublimating the jerseys in another, and it seemed like 250 people were in the tent like a swarm of bees on honey. 


Despite all the challenges we were able to produce all the jerseys correctly and on-time for the podium. Job done.

Looking forward to tomorrow!


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