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Colorado Classic: Day 2 - Miles of Fun

Your Stage 2 presented by @helixdnastore Women's GC leaders!

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Two days into the the Colorado Classic and we have our women winners! 

  1. Sara Poidevin (Rally Cycling)
  2. Tayler Wiles (UnitedHealthcare)
  3. Abigail Mickey (Colavita/Bianchi)

Sara Poidevin proved to be an all-star, taking home QOM#1, Best Young Rider, Sprint, QOM#1, and QOM Winner! 



The race courses are unlike the typical, European point-to-point. Instead, The Colorado Classic employs a circuit course which allows spectators to see riders more than once. In the case of Breckenridge, spectators were able to watch the women pass through town 5 times and the men passed through 10. With a 6.4 mile circuit, at an average 8.3% grade, those laps wore on even the pro-ist of pros. 

To read a more in-depth recap of Moonstone Road, check out Velonews' article here

And then we had Alex Howes of Ride Argyle Tarzan'ing his way across the finish line yesterday. 


Women's Pro-Am 1-2 Crit happening now. These women are amazing!

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