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How to Choose the Right Cycling Shorts and Bibs

The proper cycling short or bib is critical to improving your overall riding experience. This shorts and bib buying guide is here to help you make the best choice and keep you on the pedals as long as you want.

The most important thing to considering choosing the right product is to determine your riding style and desired riding time. 

How to choose the right cycling shorts and bibs


Starter Shorts & Bibs: 4+ Hour Ride Time

Prisma - Our entry-level product is a sport-level short or bib for weekend warriors, lunch rides, commutes, and everything in between.

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Every Day Bibs & Shorts: 6+ Hour Ride Time
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Evo 2.0 - This is the standard for everyday cycling. Need to crush 10 miles in 30 minutes? Or 100 miles in 5 hours? Our Evo 2.0 is ready for any distance or duration. 

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Hot Weather Bibs: 6+ Hour Ride Time
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Omni - Lightweight and flexible, the Omni bib thrives in the heat. The fabric composition and materials makes it extra comfortable, and suffering because of hot weather is a thing of the past.

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Gravel: 6+ Hour Ride Time

Cargo Bib - Our Cargo Bib was built for gravel and made for adventure. It has two mesh pockets on the legs and two on the back. The construction provides a secure fit, keeping any stored item – from gels, to cash, to car keys - in place no matter how rough the road.

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Cargo Bibs (Cargo Bibs - Top Pick for 2023)


Adventure Cycling: 6+ Hour Ride Time
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Vertos - Our Alitios adventure bib was created for one purpose: to allow riders to push past their limits on a bike. As such, Vertos is more durable and comfortable than any other cycling bib. The ALTLANTA® material by Carvico (double check this – is it Atlanta?) is softer and more dynamic than any bib fabric we've ever used. It will outlast the longest ride you've ever traveled and be ready the next day to hit the road again. 

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Competitive Racing: 8+ Hour Ride Time
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QX5 - This is our most elite, 3D Fit cycling bib. It comes equipped with a radio pocket and all the high-end features you need to compete at your best. The QX5 can be purchased as a Primal design or fully customized. The chamois used in the QX5 is the Italian TMF HX8 Carbon.

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Helix 2.0 - These bibs have been all over the world. The favorite for extreme distance athletes, Helix has seen the tallest passes in the Annapurna Mt. Range (5416m), races across continents, and UCI pro races. Simply put, Helix has done it all.   

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Beyond Category Bibs: 10+ Hour Ride Time

Alitios Etheros LTD - This product checks every box …and then creates new boxes and checks those too. The construction of Etheros bibs starts with the Revolutional Energy Fabric from the Italian fabric mill CARVICO. This compression fabric is lightweight but ultra-durable, and it wicks sweat better than any material we’ve found. The dynamic fit profile makes this garment more comfortable on the longest rides and with the most strenuous efforts.


The F1 chamois is a benchmark achievement in the category, using Skyving technology to provide more protection, comfort, and moisture management than any predecessor. Ultra-wide, LaserCut Max grippers with reflective branding and laser perforated Sublimated Marc bib straps finish out this flagship product.

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Shop Etheros Bibs

 (Alitios Etheros - Limited Edition Bib Short)



And, here we are – if you made it this far, you’re truly vested in finding the right pair of bibs for your ride!  Just know that we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you have additional questions, call us at 800.275.6953 or email us at We would love to hear from you!





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